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Educating yourself on the basics of Medicare and Medicare Supplement insurance is paramount in making an informed decision. Refer to section 2 in the “2024 Choosing a Medigap Policy” where it explains the details on changing or comparing policies.


The Annual Election Period That Runs From Oct.15th to Dec. 7th DOES NOT Apply To Medicare Supplement Insurance

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I switch my Medicare Supplement at anytime ?

YES, the AEP (annual election period) DOES NOT apply to Medicare Supplement Insurance plans. You still may need to qualify for coverage based on health. Some states have guaranteed issue rights. Call us at 1-800-230-3211 and we can let you know if your state is one.

How does replacing a policy work?

Apply for the new policy. We help you complete an application.  We make the effective date of the new policy to be the same as the due date of your current policy. The new company reviews and determines if you qualify. You pay only if you are accepted. We notify you when you are accepted. You send a letter to cancel the old policy. Enjoy the savings and be thankful you were able to change. 

If I switch companies can they cancel me later if I get sick?

No. All Medicare Supplement Policies , by federal law, are guaranteed issue for life, meaning that you cannot be cancelled for any reason except for non-payment of premium.

Will I be able to keep my doctor?

Any provider or facility that accepts Medicare also accepts Medicare Supplement Insurance. So as long as your provider accepts Medicare, your Medigap plan will also be accepted.

Does the new policy cover the same thing as my current policy?

Medicare Supplements are named by alphbetical letters A-N. This makes it much easier to compare policies. If the new plan that you are applying for is the same letter it is identical  in every way as the current policy you own.

What if I move to a new state, travel, or spend part of the year in another location?

Your Medicare Supplemnent Insurance is good anywhere in the United States. Travelling outside of the country does have limitations. Please consult with us regarding coverage out of the country.

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